About Evohop..........

What is Evohop?

Evohop is a very unique and specialized layer of Enterprise Security, typically deployed as the first line of defense right behind the point of demarcation. Evohop's use of Automation and Real-Time Collaboration dynamically shuts down bi-directional traffic regardless of the port, and based on a wide array of proprietary layers of analyzation. Unlike your typical timed update environment that only knows what it knows, Evohop's real-time properties include a proprietary push and pull process that allow each appliance the ability to check each packet against a huge global footprint as well as leverage the additional cloud processing power for further inspection of traffic, and without local latency via taxation of local resources.

The Evohop technology was born from a Threat Intelligence prospective and has evolved into a completely automated and collaborative product, to effectively stop attacks in progress and most importantly make sure that data never goes to a place that is should not be going to. The feature set does include firewall and protocol filters as well as an open API, and can integrate into other compatible platforms. 

Evohop doesn't just tell you what it's doing, it shows you. Each appliance provides a complete picture of your network security posture and all of the Threat Intelligence collected since day one.

Why Evohop?

Innovation, Intelligence, Automation, Collaboration...........

Traditional network security products are incapable of 100% packet inspection running bi-directionally in and out of their infrastructures without heavy latency issues. Our Security 2.0 hybrid network security platform, with our Next Generation IPS Node at the edge, can safely enable the use of rapid new applications and cloud services while protecting against a wide array of security threats. Built from the ground up, we deliver unmatched capabilities and continue to push the envelope. Continual innovation is at the core of everything we do.


What Evohop is not...... 

Evohop is not a router, and not a replacement for branch or data center router layer 3 functionality. Evohop also does not provide integrated services such as VPN. Evohop is also not an AntiVirus product.

Being highly specialized and ultra efficient is the reason why Evohop is so effective in it's unique layer.

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